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Most of the Android Phone users face this error “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” frequently. This error can stop you from downloading new apps or from using the app store on your Android device. As frustrating as it may be, it can be relatively simple to fix the issue.  When Google Play malfunctions or receives an error, the Play Store app will close and a message will appear on your screen that reads:

Unfortunately, Google Play Services Has Stopped

Google Play services is not only an application in Android System, it’s a background service and API package for Android-based devices. The Android OS uses the Google Play services to update Google apps and other apps from Google Play Store. This protocol and its services provide a root functionality that allows the user and app and permit to your Google services, contact synchronization, authentication to all the latest privacy settings allowing a more competitive & social experience

Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped” is one of the most common errors faced by Android Phone users. There may be several reasons behind this error. May be your version of Google Play Services installed in your android is outdated or very old or Internet connection just went down. Or it may be due bug in the system of your android operating system or custom rom.

In Errofix have few methods will solve this error in any android device. So now without wasting any time on exploring the topic let’s move directly to the solution of Google Play Services Has Stopped.

Fix Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Error

Fix Error #1: Clear Cache

The first method for fixing the error for the Google Play Services error is to clear the cache of both the Google Play Store and Google Play Services and other app: Google Service Framework. Follow the steps below to clear the caches.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Apps or Application Manager or App Manager option. (the name may differ from phone to phone)
  3. Now, swipe right further to open All tab.
  4. Now, scroll down and look for Google Play Services app. Click on it.
  5. Here, you will see two buttons – 1. Clear Cache and 2. Clear Data. Click on them.
  6. Now, go back and look for Google Play Store app and Google Service Framework app. Follow the same above step for them too.

Fix Error #2: Reset all App Preferences

By applying Reset App Preferences will reset all your preferences for disabled apps, blocked app notification, default apps and background data restriction app. Though it wont loose your app data but it must solve your issue.

Note: Resetting App Preferences will not clean any of the app data.

  1. Once again, open Settings and Head over to Applications Manager.
  2. Scroll to Apps and swipe right further to open All tab.
  3. Look out for Reset App Preferences Option on the same screen. It may be situated anywhere, check the top three dots at the right side, or at the bottom bar. Since the UI changes from Device to Device, this option may be available anywhere but will be in this section. Once you find this option, click on it.
  4. Now select Reset App Preferences hit Reset and done.

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