How to Check Apple Services Status

It’s never a great experience when iCloud goes down and Apple services are affected, but it always helps to know it’s not just you having issues. Apple typically acknowledges ongoing outages on its System Status site with a brief description of the problem.

It’s not too surprising that potential downtime or issues with Apple Services can lead to user problems, with failures to perform simple tasks and various error messages. While sometimes issues with such services are user created, other times the problems are on Apple’s end, and so for troubleshooting purposes it can be very helpful to quickly find out if Apple services are down or if they online.

View the Apple System Status page

Your first port of call when checking to see if the App Store is offline or in trouble is the Apple System Status page. This shows the current state of all the Apple online services, letting you know if there are issues or scheduled maintenance that could be causing the problems. It will also indicate whether there were recent disruptions that have now been resolved.

While on the Apple System Status page you can also check on the current health of iCloud, Apple Music, Siri, Photos, Maps, Apps Store, Apple Pay, and pretty much anything else Apple provides.

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You can see all the services Status that App Store, Apple ID, Apple Music, Apple Music Subscriptions, Apple Online Store, Apple Pay, Apple School Manager, Apple TV, Back to My Mac, Beats 1, Dictation, Documents in the Cloud, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Find My iPhone, Game Center, iBooks Store, iChat, iCloud Services, iMessage, iMovie Theater, iOS Device Activation, iPhone Calls to iPad and Mac, iTunes Store and  iTunes Match Services, iWork for iCloud, Mac App Store, macOS Software Update, Mail Drop, Maps Services, News, Photos, Radio, Siri, SMS Text Forwarding, Spotlight suggestions and Volume Purchase Program.

Next time you have trouble with any Apple services, head to this Apple Services, Stores, and iCloud Apple Support page and check–it might not be your internet connection, but an actual service outage.

All services are currently up, according to the same System Status page on which these notifications are posted.

  • If you see green color next to to the service name all is working as intended,  it is up and functioning.
  • If you see red, yellow or orange color next to the service name, the service is likely disrupted, down, or not functioning as intended, thus you may be encountering service disruption issues.

If you do see a message next to the any services, clicking on it will bring up more details about the issue, including when the outage occurred and the kind of problems users would have experienced.

This is a great page to bookmark if any of your Apple online services start acting up. The page is updated in realtime and usually has the most up to date info from the mouth of Apple itself.


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