Error Code P07 – Canon Printer

When your Canon printer has printed a considerable amount of ink us the message that the pads are full appears, all is because the printer assumes that given the number of pages printed is necessary to clean the pads, this blocks us in presenting the printer screen P07 printer error.

Fix Error Code P07 – Canon Printer

Fix Error Solution #1: Reset it

  • On the operator panel, press the button. (The display will go blank.) Note: It may be necessary to unplug the power cord if pressing the ON button does not shut off the printer.
  • Wait approximately ten seconds and then press the button again.
  • Wait until the device has completed its cycling process before submitting another job request. Note: It may be necessary to unplug the power cord and retry if the above steps do not clear the error.

Fix Error Solution #2: Entering Service Mode

  • While the printer is OFF, press and hold the Start/Stop button (Resume/Cancel in some other models).
  • While holding the Start/Stop button, press and hold the POWER button.
  • When the POWER LED (green light) lit, release the Start/Stop button (still holding the POWER button).
  • Press the Start/Stop button TWICE (still holding the POWER button)
  • Release the POWER button.
  • Wait for the LCD to display “0″ (zero).

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