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Sometimes, songs on the Apple Music app just get grayed out and you can’t play them. Ever faced that? It’s usually a problem with sync and there’s nothing to worry about when songs get greyed out on your iPhone.

Before we try to fix it, it’s better that you understand why this happens. In most cases, it’s a sync issue. Maybe the file is missing on your computer (but still listed on iTunes and you synced it) or maybe the file is corrupt or modified in some way that makes it unreadable on iTunes/iPhone.

Item Not Available
This item can´t be played

The cause to this Apple music playing problem varies from people to people, so it’s hard to find what causes yours. It may be the iCloud server issue, network connection status or iOS bugs. But there are some tips people said useful to fix this issue. If you can’t play music on your iPhone, it’s advisable to have a try.

Fix Apple Music Item Not Available – This Item Can’t Be Played

Fix Error Solution #1: Check internet connection

Make sure you connected your device to Wi-Fi or cellular data. Because only in a good network connection, you can normally download songs from iCloud Music Library and Apple Music to your iPhone and start your playing.

Fix Error Solution #2: Check whether you turn on iCloud Music Library

If you use iTunes Match or iCloud Music Library, make sure you have enabled iCloud Music Library on your iOS device and computer. Sometimes iCloud Music Library may be automatically turned off so that songs won’t be downloaded from iCloud. That’s why you have the song list but can’t play any songs on the list.

To enable iCloud Muisc Library.

  • iOS devices: Go to Settings > Music.
  • Mac: Go to Menu > iTunes > Preference.
  • Windows PC: Go to Menu > Edit > Preference.

Fix Error Solution #3: Check the server status of Apple Music

If you are one of Apple Music subscribers and meet “this item cannot be played” issue, you can check the server status of Apple Music. Because if there is something wrong withthe server, you definitely can’t use this music streaming service.

Fix Error Solution #4: Re-sync songs to your iPhone

If you can’t play songs that you synced from computer, you can turn off Apple Music and iCloud music library and try again to play songs. Besides, people said re-syncing all songs from computer to your device with iTunes may work on this issue.

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