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Are you in a panic because your Instagram profile shares have been blocked? Are you looking for a block support center? Unfortunately there isn’t, but don’t worry: take a deep breath and breathe slowly.

One of the messages you can see on your profile when you perform an action is the following:

Action Blocked : This action has been blocked. Try again later. We restrict certain content and certain actions to protect our community. Let us know if you think we've made a mistake.


Now keep reading this article because I will tell you everything you need to know to  fix temporary crash on Instagram. Yes, there is a solution and it is even simpler than you think.

Before getting to the solution, it is extremely important to know why you are being blocked and how to avoid a block in the future.

What if I told you that Instagram can make the lockdown last for days and days? Especially if you make multiple attempts to see if it’s still stuck in a short amount of time. Would you risk wasting even more time and not being able to implement other strategies to increase Instagram followers just because you are in a hurry?

I am sure you will pay close attention to what I am going to tell you.

I will not expand much but it seems appropriate to give you all the necessary information: the causes, solutions and tips to avoid a  temporary block on Instagram  . Let’s get started right away.

Causes of temporary block

You too have seen the fateful message appear: Action blocked on Instagram . As soon as you tried to like or follow a new profile, right?

The temporary block can affect one or more Instagram actions.

Generally, not all access to the profile is blocked, but only the use of some specific actions.

Which are? Are here:

  • follow unfollow
  • I like it
  • Comments

As we will see later, Instagram imposes time limits for each action that must be respected if you do not want to incur a temporary block. Don’t you respect them? You will be blocked for a limited time.

Usually, those who run into these blocks make use  of Instagram bots  . The latter, if not used properly, can bring more problems than results in terms of growth.

How long does the temporary block last?

Wondering how long the temporary blocking of likes on Instagram lasts? Or other actions like follow, right?

The temporary block usually lasts 24 hours, but can last for several days  .

It must be said that this is not a precise moment. It is variable, so sometimes you have to wait less than 24 hours, other times more. This depends on several factors, in particular how the limits have been exceeded and how many times it has happened in the last period.

How to fix the lock

The solution exists and it is simple: Wait… It is the only thing that can be done in this case.

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, Instagram unlocks the features 24 hours after the lockdown.


If you start following (manually or automatically)  more than 200 people in an hour  , it probably won’t take long for a notification to arrive from Instagram informing you that the Follow/Unfollow feature has been temporarily blocked.

You just have to wait 24 hours (or more) before you can use that feature again.

In this case you can continue liking or leaving comments because the only function blocked will be the follow/unfollow function.

Instagram account limits

Instagram has set limits for every action. The reason is simple: to prevent, or rather limit, the actions of spammers or bots.

This is because the real and authentic experience of users on the Social Network is lost and inevitably translates into a loss of advertising investment. In fact, any use of software that automates and/or simulates the actions of a user is prohibited.

As can be seen in point (15) of the  official Instagram regulations  .

That said, it is not officially specified what the limits to respect are, but we can make predictions based on some analysis carried out during the last period.

Important Update: On June 4, 2019 there was a big change regarding the restrictions and various action limits, especially regarding follow-up action. In fact, many users have encountered blocked actions that continue to last even after days.

What can we do to solve this problem?

We detail below the limits that Instagram has to try to avoid having the “action blocked” error again

Limit Follow/Unfollow your Instagram

For new profiles (born less than 3 months ago)

Maximum of 150  follows/unfollows per day for the first week
Increasing by 30/40 each week thereafter
Up to  a maximum of 240 per day  and  a maximum of 10 per hour

For dated profiles (born more than 3 months ago and with 1000 followers or more)

Max 20  follow/unfollow all’ora
Max 500  follow/unfollow al giorno

Limit like your Instagram

As for likes, the limits are quite similar.

The calculation to be performed is as follows:

Max 240  per day
Max 10  per hour

Please note:  These limits have been developed based on my experiences and some studies found online, but have never been officially communicated by Instagram.

Instagram comment limits

Comments can be used strategically to increase the engagement of an Instagram profile, but I personally consider it an aggressive practice.

Max 150/200  comments per day

This is the limit I feel I can recommend.

I wouldn’t go any further, honestly.

Practical tips to avoid it and solve the blockage

  1. If you have a new profile, which you have created a few days ago, do not use any bot and do not do numerous actions (follow/like and comment) manually from the Instagram app.
  2. If you already have an active bot on your profile, please disconnect it for at least 4/5 days and then reconnect it. During this period, DO NOT perform any further manual monitoring or tracking actions. You can reactivate it later. If you follow actions, it means you are unlocked. If not, you will have to let him rest more.
  3. Always stick to the limits I’ve outlined in this guide, in fact: try to stay a bit lower to avoid being locked out in case Instagram drops the number of shares for now.
  4. Do not perform manual actions during bot activity. Even a simple simultaneous action, i.e. performed simultaneously by the bot and you, could cause you to get the temporary lock.


Basically, that’s all you need to know about a temporary ban on Instagram.

Always keep in mind that limits can change at any time as the Instagram team is constantly working to fight spammers and bots, as happened in early June 2019.

However, I promise you that I will constantly update this article so that it becomes a reference point for you and all those who need it.

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