Instagram Blocked Action: How To Fix It

In the growth phase as an Instagram influencer, it is absolutely necessary to avoid taking illegal actions, which can lead to temporary or (worse) permanent bans. Even if on social media everyone seems to enjoy a great deal of ‘freedom’, in fact, there are strict rules to follow so as not to upset other people, for example not to share content that may offend their sensibilities.

If you’ve reached this guide, sadly, you may have violated (even unknowingly) some Instagram rules. Certain options cannot be used on the social network. Well, in this case, the first advice I want to give you is not to panic, because there is no process in progress. And if you take advantage of the other tips that I have included in the following paragraphs, you should be able to resolve the  blocked action on Instagram  in no time.

What the “Blocked Action” means

If you have done something wrong within the social network, you will be notified immediately in your profile through a  notification similar to the following:

Action blocked. This action has been blocked. Try again later. We restrict certain content and certain actions to protect our community. Let us know if you think we've made a mistake.

This is to indicate that one or more Instagram rules have been broken and that some actions are no longer allowed on your profile, at least for now. Sometimes, however, the blocked Instagram action happens even in the absence of messages or warnings.

On Instagram there is a  regulation of use  , which silently monitors users, also depending on the  age of the profile  : the younger the account, the more controls will be carried out on it. This is done to avoid the appearance of fake profiles or profiles created with the purpose of annoying others (trolls and haters).

What is an Instagram shadowban?


The arrival of the blocked action notification automatically triggers the  shadowban  for your profile. It is nothing more than a temporary and invisible block that appears suddenly in the event of a violation and prevents certain actions from being carried out.

It is called shadowban because, in fact, the user may not realize (or in any case not be warned) that he has been blocked or banned. When this “punishment” is active in a profile, it does not mean that it cannot be accessed. Most of the time, in fact, you can use it normally, except for actions that have been blocked.

How long does the Instagram shadowban last?

The shadowban usually lasts  24/48 hours  . However, there are cases where some profiles have encountered the issue of blocked action on Instagram even for  a week or more  , up to  30 days  .

Obviously, the duration of the shadowban depends on many  factors  . The two most important are:

  • The seriousness of the offense committed
  • The age of the profile

This information can greatly influence this decision (for the record, there is also a definitive and unquestionable ban).

If you have been under shadowban, behaving well, as I will show you later in this tutorial, will allow you to  shorten the ban time .

Why is there a temporary block on Instagram?

As I mentioned earlier, when you see the action blocked message from Instagram, it is because your account has been hit by a shadowban, better known by the name of temporary blocking. But what is this all about?

You probably don’t know it, but among the rules that regulate “civilized life” on Instagram, there is one that prohibits  putting too many followers and too many likes in 24 hours  . The temporary account lockdown is likely due to this.

The  limits  to follow, unfollow and like, in fact, are quite precise: if your account has  just been opened  , you will not be able to perform more than  350 actions per day  between following and unfollowing in the first week of life. The figures will grow by  50/70 shares per week  , reaching a maximum of  800 shares per day  . If you exceed this limit, Instagram, in most cases, will stop following other users: the action will be blocked indefinitely.

There are also other rules about it. However, those that trigger the shadowban more frequently are precisely linked to the number of actions carried out with the followers and with the likes of the photos of others.

How to remove blocked action from Instagram

In this important chapter, I will show you the  most common types of shadowban  , which generate the written action blocked on Instagram.

By following the tips I have carefully selected, you should be able to get out of shadowban while improving your profile’s reputation. Read on to learn more about the topic.


As for  posts  , both for photos and videos, the shadowban can prevent you from posting more, as if you were offline.

If so, try to  post stories regularly  and show moments from your daily life without ever exaggerating, stopping at  2/3 of the timed content per day  .

Don’t force publication. If blocking is active, you can also wait a few hours or days before regularly republishing content.


For  stories  , do the opposite of what I just suggested, which is to try to  post regularly .

If the ban is already on,  avoid touching the feed of stories  for about a week, both to post and to view others.

When you get the unblock of the blocked action on Instagram, follow the rules that are seen for the posts. Therefore, always try to publish  2-3 quality stories within 24 hours  .


The  abuse of  labels  is also severely punished for Instagram! If the ban is already running, from this point of view avoid multiple tags, and all tags in general, both in stories and in posts. Perhaps, however, you will continue to post regularly (without exaggeration).

Once the ban expires, insert a few tags if you want, but  no more than one per post  (especially in the first period after the issue). Also, use Instagram by moderating likes and comments, while limiting yourself to following only a certain number of trusted or influencers.

Follow requests

If you can’t follow people on Instagram it’s because  you’ve been following too many people all the time  – as noted, there are invisible limits, especially for new accounts. You probably got caught up in the so-called “tracking fever,” adding everyone, even strangers.

Tracking ban already active? If you are allowed to carry out other activities, use the  Direct  and exchange words with the users who follow, who could be your friends, or even like and comment  the publications of the people who I follow, to show that you follow them with real interest .

Once the ban has expired, use Instagram as usual. I mean,  don’t think  about exchanges of favors, planned likes or exchanges of followers:  focus on your profile  , followers will come calmly if you post interesting content regularly.

Likes and comments

The I  like  and  comments  are the centerpiece of the activities of influencers: who is the other side, although fans should not exaggerate in any way. Otherwise, you will run into the issue of blocked action on Instagram.

If the ban is ongoing, continue to  post  and  text  regularly, categorically avoiding likes. Also,  try to view videos and photos by  tapping on them,  view comments  without replying, and review the stories that are posted.

Just do this for a few days. You will see that in a short time everything will return to normal, especially if it is the first time that you have undergone a shadowban for this type of content.

The Direct

The  direct messages  should be used only to  communicate  , not to sponsor or activities that may invade the privacy of users useless way: abuse in the use of this tool, in fact, it could lead to a lasting ban, so much careful.

Those who have no interest in seeing what you do, it is because they want to continue like this: do not force them, focus on your publications. Little by little, you will see that your followers will ask you to speak.

How to get out of generic Instagram shadowban

If you are not sure what action has been blocked on your Instagram profile, simply  log out of the social network  or  simply view the posts and stories of others .

I suggest you do this for at least  7 days  and then try to use the social network normally again. If the problem persists,  ignore Instagram for another 2/3 weeks  : after this period, you should regain full control of your account. If not, keep reading.

What to do if the Instagram shadowban is not removed

If you can’t remove the shadowban  even after 30 days  , please contact Instagram first   . Please inform the support team about the problem you have had and what locks are active on your account.

Once this is done, to pass the wait,  focus on other social  networks   , such as Facebook or TikTok. Optionally,  create a second Instagram account   or try  changing the device  you access Instagram with, so you can check if the blocks are really active everywhere or only for a particular platform.

If that doesn’t work and the support says there is no active ban, try  uninstalling and reinstalling the app  on your phone or tablet. Also, try  logging in from your PC or desktop app  , so you can see if the problem goes away.

How to avoid getting banned from Instagram

Like everything in life, prevention is better than cure! To avoid all of these problems, follow the  guidelines  outlined above. Also, read the  Terms of Use of Instagram  , so that you can understand what the limits of the platform are, what you should do and what you cannot do on the social network, and what instead can lead to shadowban or a definitive ban.

Once you have learned all the rules and read the tips that I have proposed, you can surely avoid these problems even before they happen.

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