Netflix error code 11800

Netflix error 11800 generally points to a network issue that prevents your device from connecting to Netflix. Some of the solutions to this error include power cycling (restarting) your device such as your Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or manually setting up your DNS.

The error 11800 is an ATV error, it has been seen in the past with Airplay issues and other failures to connect to servers. During isolation testing we set up and tested ATV4 on Personal Hotspot and the error does not occur. This indicated an issue between the ATV > Modem > ISP

I had a feeling the issue is DNS related and I am unsure if a recent change on TVOS or Netflix have triggered this requirement.

Apple usually recommends leaving most settings as default or automatic even for DNS.
This won’t be a problem if the Modem or Router are configured with the DNS manually input.

In some situations the Modem/Router are also set to Automatic and I believe this is why people are now seeing this issue.

Fix Netflix error Code 11800

Fix Error Solution #1: Obtain your ISP’s DNS

Obtain your ISP’s DNS either from calling ISP, Via the ISP Website, or Account information supplied with the Internet setup.

Once obtained add these details to the ATV4
– Open the Settings app on your Apple TV
– Click on Network.
– Click on your network to view the network information.
– Click on Configure DNS.
– Change to Manual.
– Enter your DNS.
– Press Done and you are good to go.

Fix Error Solution #2: Using Google’s free DNS

  1. Go to Setting.
  2. Network ==> Ethernet or WiFi ==> Configure DNS.
  3. Set DNS to Manual and type in or
  4. When finished, restart Apple TV.


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