Netflix Error Code X1-X1

Netflix app is available in almost all major platforms to provide better services to customers. It is available in both windows 10 mobile and PC. But, PC users often face some errors that totally stop them from watching anything.

Error X1-X1 is one of them. Nowadays, Many Netflix users have claimed that they are repeatedly facing this error in windows 10 desktop. Like the, I’ve encountered this issue a few days ago. But, I could resolve this problem and also found what causes it.

Whoops, something went wrong ...

This error can be caused by several conflicts. But, Most of the times, It is caused by the following things

  • Network change.
  • Proxy or VPN, Smart DNS.
  • Security software.
  • Slower internet connection.

Most of the times, You will face it for network change issues. Suppose, You are using this app from your normal internet. After that, You have enabled VPN and relaunch this app. Then, You will have more chance to encounter it. Normally it will show up a message like “Whoops, something went wrong ….” with the error code.

Fix Netflix Error Code X1-X1

Fix Error Solution #1: Sign Out and Sign In

For some users Error x1-x1 appears right after opening netflix app. In that case, You can avoid this method. The users who face this problem when they click on only Movie or shows, They can try this. I mean, If you have enough time to sign out, You can follow this method.

  1. After opening app, Click on three dot in top right corner.
  2. Now, Choose Sign out.
  3. Then, Sign in again.

Fix Error Solution #2: disabled Proxy

If you are getting this error, Please check if you have enabled proxy or VPN. You should disconnect from VPN simply. If you use proxy, Follow these things to disable it –

  1. In your windows 10 PC, Just press Windows Key + I from keyboard to open Settings.
  2. Now, Go to Network & Internet > Proxy.
  3. Make sure, Automatically detect settings is enabled. Use setup script and Use a proxy server should be disabled.

Done. Now, You will no longer encounter Netlfix Error Code x1-x1.

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