Rate Limit Exceeded Instagram Error

Usually a message about rate limits means that you are making too many requests to the Instagram application. If you use Instagram regularly, then you may face “Rate limit exceeded” error sometimes as a large number of Instagram users reported of facing this issue.

The issue mainly occurs if you or any of the apps makes too many requests follows, posts, comments, links to third-party applications and sites. When this error occurs, Instagram does not let you signing back in.

Rate limiting is generally meant to prevent automated systems from posting a bunch of spam, or trying to overwhelm their servers. May be some restrictions have brought  into Instagram API regarding the number of hits per hour.

Fix Rate Limit Exceeded Instagram Error

Fix Error. Solution #1: Wait 30 minutes

The easiest solution to solve “Rate Limit Exceeded” Error is waiting a few minutes. Instagram automatically restores access to your account once you’re under the rate limit again. Unless you’ve been permanently banned, you can then log back in to your Instagram account within a few minutes of the rate limit activating. Use the official Instagram app or website to be certain you’re not signing in through an API-spamming app.

Fix Error. Solution #2: Change Connection Settings

Resetting your network connection is sometimes helpful in restoring access to your Instagram account.

  1. Open your phone’s wireless settings menu
  2. Turn OFF your Wi-Fi. Wait for at least 20-40 seconds.
  3. Turn ON the Wi-Fi. Connect to you network.
  4. Launch Instagram app and try signing in to your account.

Fix Error. Solution #3: Revoke access of third party apps

Revoke access of third party apps which you have allowed by logging into Instagram Site and by clicking on to Manage Applications Tab,

Fix Error. Solution #4: Reset your Password

Many applications use manual API calls to interact with Instagram — in other words, they only send data to the service when you ask them to. However, some apps perform automatic API calls in the background; these calls are invisible to you. So if you reset your Password, the apps will no longer be able to access your account.

If you are logged out, and after when you try to login if you get “Rate Limit Exceeded” Error, then you may try to reset your password from the forget password button.

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