Audio Services Not Responding Error – Windows

A Windows user might have faced error pop-ups saying Audio services not responding, or Audio is no longer working on your computer. This is a very common error and usually occurs when you upgrade your version of windows using Windows Update.

Problems found:
Audio services not responding

The error “Audio services not responding” is an error message generated through Windows sound troubleshooter which is usually run when you are experiencing problems with your sound devices. This error usually means that your sound device is in an unresponsive where it isn’t responding to your computer’s commands or messages.

Fix Audio services not responding Error

Fix Error #1: Restart Audio Services in Windows

  1. Press Windows key + R then type services.msc and press Enter to open Windows services list.
  2. Now locate the following services:
    Windows Audio
    Windows Audio Endpoint Builder
    Plug and Play
  3. Make sure their Startup Type is set to Automatic and the services are Running, either way, restart all of them once again.  If Startup Type is not Automatic then double click the services and inside property window set them to Automatic.
  4. Restart your computer and check if the problem still persists.

Fix Error #2: Start Windows Audio parts

  1. Press Windows key + R then type services.msc and press Enter to open Windows services list.
  2. Make sure that the following services are in the running state. If they are not, right-click on them and click “Start”.
     RPC Endpoint Mapper
     Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
     DCOM Server Process Launcher
  3. Make sure all of the these elements are set to start as “Automatic”.
  4. Restart the Windows Audio solutions and restarting your PC hand check again.

Fix Error #3: Change registry settings 

  1. Click on Windows button and Search for cmd and you will get Command Prompt as a search result. (Right click on it & select Run as administrator option)
  2. A Command Prompt window will popup. In Command Prompt, enter the following lines. You can Copy the Command given below & paste it in Command Prompt & Press Enter to run them. (You need to press Enter after each line of command and wait for the process to complete before you go to the next line.)
     net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice
     net localgroup Administrators /add localservice
  3. After both the instructions are executed, type “exit” and press Enter.
  4. Restart your computer and check if the problem at hand got solved.

Fix Error #4: Modify Registry key Audio

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type regedit and click Enter to open Registry Editor.
  2. Inside Registry editor navigate to the following key:
  3. Locate ServicDll and if the value is %SystemRoot%\System32\Audiosrv.dll, this is the cause of the problem.
  4. Replace the above value with this: %SystemRoot%\System32\AudioEndPointBuilder.dll
  5. Restart your PC to apply changes.

Fix Error #5: Sound Windows Troubleshooter

  1. Open control panel in Windows System and in the search box type “troubleshooting
  2. In search results click on “Troubleshooting” and tclick on Hardware and Sound.
  3. In the next window click on “Playing Audio” inside Sound sub-category.
  4. Finally, click Advanced Options in the Playing Audio window and check “Apply repairs automatically” and click Next.
  5. Troubleshooter will automatically diagnose the issue and ask you if you want to apply the fix or not.
  6. Click Apply this fix and Reboot your PC to apply changes.

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