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Face ID is the new feature on your iPhone X which enables you to do things like unlock your iPhone without entering the passcode and making purchases in iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store.

When it works properly, you can enjoy the conveniences as you like. But sometimes it can’t perform as you expect for the problem “Face ID not working on iPhone X” could happen.The Face ID problem does not affect every phone but the number of people impacted by this bug is meaningful. The following error message is displayed on your iPhone X:

Face ID is Not Available. Try setting up Face ID later.
Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone

We’ve heard people complaining Face ID fail on iPhone X for a while. But since the iOS 11.2 update, this issue seems to occur more frequently. Apple hasn’t given any responses for the reasons that may bring up this problem or constructive suggestions to fix it. Here we’ve gathered some solutions from users’ feedback and our test to fix unable to activate Face ID on iPhone issue, take a look and have a try. If you are troubled by this issue now, read on to learn how to fix it with the solutions below.

Before you try to fix the issue “Face ID not working on iPhone X“, you’d better check whether you have used it properly.

  • Check your Face ID settings. go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode
  • Make sure you are facing the TrueDepth camera.
  • Check that nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera
  • Make sure that nothing is covering your face
  • You’d better use Face ID on your iPhone X without sunglasses.
  • Make sure the distance between your face and iPhone X is 10 to 20 inches.

Fix Face ID is Not Available

Fix Error Solution #1: Reboot your iPhone X

In most cases, simply turning off the iPhone X and turning it back on again will make Face ID activate successfully. It is reassuring that this is not a persistent issue.

To turn off iPhone X, hold down the side button and either volume button. Then drag the ‘slide to power off’ slider to shut down the phone. Wait for the screen to go black, then hold down the side button to boot the phone up again.

If the Face ID still won’t on after restating, follow the steps to force reboot your iPhone X.
Press the Volume Up button and release, and then press the Volume down button and release. Finally press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on iPhone screen.

Fix Error Solution #2: Update your iPhone X to the latest version of iOS

The simplest tip you can try to fix the issue “Face ID not working” on iPhone X is to update your iOS operating system to its latest version. Before you update your iOS, you’d better back up your iPhone X to avoid data loss. Then go to Settings > General > Software Update to update your iPhone X.

Fix Error Solution #3: Set Date and Time to Set Itself Automatically

Other possible causes of Face ID stop working on iPhone X may be related to the date changing. Some users have set the date on their new device to avoid the Springboard crash prior to iOS 11.2 update. Go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time to set the date and time to set itself automatically. Then restart iPhone and the Face ID should response normally.

Fix Error Solution #4: Reset Face ID

If the above fixes above cannot solve the problem “Face ID not working” on your iPhone X, other tip you can apply to your device is to reset Face ID. The system will remove all the mathematical representations of your face.

  1. Open “Settings” app on iPhone X and go to “Face ID & Passcode
  2. Scroll down to find the “Reset Face ID” button in red text, and tap on it to confirm you want to reset Face ID

That’s all you need to do to reset Face ID and the facial recognition data on iPhone X will be removed. If you’re resetting Face ID as a troubleshooting method, don’t forget to set it up again and to re-scan your face.

Fix Error Solution #5: Reset All Setting

If you are encountering a more complicated situation and the above methods failed to fix Face ID problems, reset all settings on your iPhone X could be a good choice. While the factory reset will erase all your Wi-Fi passwords and website logins, rest assured that your personal data, pictures, and other media will stay untouched.

Go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings

If none of the solutions above helps to fix the ” Face ID not working” issue for you, you may need to contact Apple Support. In some cases Apple admit it is a hardware problem and your phone needs to be replaced.

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